We have a Cloth Nappy Library which is run by NCT volunteers - we would welcome more help to keep this library running.

It has its own Facebook page and community please follow them for more information and advice.

Each of our hire kits contain all you need to start using cloth nappies full time. 

Our Newborn "from birth" cloth nappy kit 

This kit contains a range of nappies with a focus on two parters as we find these offer the best containment for newborns.

There are also a section of all-in-ones, pockets and all-in-twos.

Suitable from 6lbs (2.72kg) to 12lbs (5.45kg) some nappies will fit for longer than this. We recommend switching to a "birth to potty" kit at the point your baby reaches 12lbs (5.45kg).

If your baby outgrows the kit in the 3 month default loan period you can either swap to a "birth to potty kit" for the remainder of the loan period or return the kit early for a partial refund on the fees.

Our "Birth to potty" cloth nappies kit 

This kit contains a range of nappies with the aim being to allow you to find the right cloth nappy for you and your baby.

There are around 20 options suitable for day times plus 5 which can be used successfully overnight.

Suitable from 12lbs (5.45kg) to around 35lbs (15.90kg), available to hire for 28 days.

Birth to potty kitWipes

Whenever possible, we have included the latest versions of nappies in our kits.

The kits we have to offer from our library are:

- Newborn £60 for our default 3 month hire

- Birth to potty £20 per month

- Night time £15 per month

- Junior £15 per month

- Wipe kit £10 or £15 per month (depending on kit)

- Swim nappies (3 different sized kits) £5 per month

- Long term hires are an additional £5

Payment will be required to enable collection and in addition to the hire cost we require a £20 refundable deposit, returned after post hire checks. 

Our small team of volunteers (Sam, Emily & Nat) can be contacted via Facebook or email with any queries you have along the way, from helping you to start a hire or during the hire when you are unsure (i.e. fit, leaks, washing, etc). 

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