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Breastfeeding cafe

If you have had just had a new baby, or are expecting, then you might like to visit one of our weekly Baby Cafes - Alternating between Mrs Howard Hall in Letchworth (1st and 3rd week) and Christchurch in Hitchin (2nd and 4th week), the Tuesday morning (10.30 - 11.45hrs) sessions are hosted by our NCT counsellor, Amy and they offer evidence-based, parent-centred and non-judgmental support with feeding your baby as well as being a welcoming space to meet other parents. 

If you visit one of our sessions, you will:

  • To be made welcome in a relaxed, safe, child-friendly environment
  • For the service to be free, inclusive and accessible
  • To be supported by a qualified NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor to make decisions that are right for you
  • To receive support, encouragement and reliable information – whether getting ready to breastfeed, establishing breastfeeding, continuing breastfeeding, expressing, mixed feeding, formula feeding, introducing solids, stopping breastfeeding and beyond
  • To meet other parents
  • To be signposted to other services including health professionals, local community support and other NCT services and groups 

You are welcome to our drop in sessions whether you need feeding support or not, perhaps you just want to meet some other sleep deprived parents to swap stories of night feeds! You can book a space in advance by following the links on the page or you can drop us an email!


Outside of these times, you can contact the NCT Feeding Helpline by calling 0300 3300 700 (option 1 8am - midnight). You'll speak to one of our amazing breastfeeding counsellors when you call. They've had extensive training and will use their person-centred counselling skills to support you. This includes listening to you without judging or criticising and offering relevant information and suggestions - whether you're breastfeeding, formula feeding or a bit of both.


Breastfeeding Network
The Herts North and Stevenage branch of the National Breastfeeding Network offer support via the main helpline (0300) 2000212 (available from 09.30am - 9.30pm), via their Facebook page, where you can message them and they will contact you to arrange a time to call, or you can also join their closed Facebook group - For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Baby Feeding Support Groups, Hertfordshire
There are other support groups around Hertfordshire to help you with feeding your baby, whether you're breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.
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