Breastfeeding Counselling Service

As well as the National Support Line (0300 330 0770), our local breastfeeding counsellors are available for support and advice.  All have breastfed their own babies and are trained to help mothers establish and continue breastfeeding.  They are flexible in their attitude to infant feeding, and are positive and supportive of the feeding choices a mother may make.


Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding support is available in Winchester via local breastfeeding counsellors at BABIES on Wednesday mornings at Lanterns Nursery School, as well as via zoom, e-mail, phone, and text. Much of this work is carried out by us in a voluntary capacity in our own time and there is no charge to you.

The counsellors can be seen at:

Winchester B.A.B.I.E.S.:

Wednesday mornings, from 9.30am until midday at Lanterns Nursery School, Bereweeke Road, Winchester. Due to requirements to socially distance, we have a limited number of places each week.

To book your free place, please use the below link:

Or visit NCT Winchester & District on or Instagram

We also offer a very limited number of Zoom appointments each week which can be booked by contacting one of the breastfeeding counsellors (numbers below)

 Local Breastfeeding Counsellors are available via email on:

They can also be reached by phone - please leave a message if they're not able to answer. 


07502 213811


07824 375871


07982 775552