Our Baby Bundles project provides clothing, toiletries and equipment to disadvantaged local families, who have baby under 2 years old.  

The first 1000 days of a baby’s life, from pregnancy to 2yrs, are the most important in terms of development.  But they can also be the most challenging as a parent – even more challenging if you are in difficult circumstances.  

Sadly many of our recipients can afford little for their new babies. Many of the families we help live in poverty, are in temporary accommodation, have mental health problems, or have had to flee from home. The gift of a Moses basket full of nappies, freshly washed and ironed clothes, cotton wool, shampoo, towels and pads along with a play mat and a bouncy chair can lift the load enormously.

Generous donations from local families, together with support from local businesses, enable a team of NCT volunteers to recycle items into Baby Bundles Bundles and delivered to local mums and dads in need via health visitors, midwives and children's centres. 

Can you help?

If you'd like to support Baby Bundles here's how:

  • Donate toiletries – we always need (unopened) toiletries for mums and babies: nappies, cotton wool, nappy bags, nappy cream, sponge, hairbrush, baby wipes, baby bath, toothbrushes and toothpaste, breast pads, maternity pads, soap, shampoo, deodorant.  
  • Donate baby equipment – we often need good quality equipment such as play-mats, moses baskets, bouncy chairs, baths, top-and-tail bowls, slings, changing bags, bedding and blankets, towels.  
  • Donate baby clothing – we sometimes need baby and toddler clothing, although our stocks of clothing are ok for now.
  • Put us in contact with companies or organisations that might want to support our work - either financially or by donating the items.
  • Make a donation direct - £10 becomes £12.50 with Gift Aid and this would buy a new Moses basket mattress, some breast and maternity pads, a pack of baby wipes and a baby brush and comb set.
  • Tell others about Baby Bundles does - maybe they can help!

Please contact us at babybundlesst@nct.org.uk if you have any toiletries, equipment or clothing you wish to donate. Our volunteers can let you know whether it would be useful, and if it is then arrange a collection or drop off.

We are unable to accept donations of: electrical items, car seats, baby walkers, food, bottles, dummies and maternity clothing.

A Baby Bundle

Receiving a Baby Bundle

If you are pregnant, or have a new baby, and would like a Baby Bundle, please speak to your health visitor, midwife or children’s centre early help practitioner in the first instance.  They can contact us on: babybundlesst@nct.org.uk 


Since November 2013 when the Baby Bundles project was set up, we have helped over 280 families – that’s more than one a week.

Thank you for the lovely Bundle of baby items I received, the bits what I received were much needed and it has been a massive weight lifted from my mind.”  (Recipient.)

The Baby Bundle was amazing and the family who received it are over the moon – they can, at last, take their little daughter out for a walk in her new pram.”  (Practitioner.)

"I've donated several bags of baby clothing to NCT Baby Bundles and will continue to pass on anything that I no longer need. It's great to be able to help local families who need a bit of extra support."  (Mum of 4 year old, Sevenoaks.)

I was so pleased to give the opportunity to donate some bedding to a lovely charity - the transition was super easy and I’m so pleased I have been able to help someone in need.”  (Mum of a 1 year old, Borough Green.)

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