Want to consider ways to reduce the impact of your impact on the environment? Having a baby can mean huge amounts of landfill from disposable nappies and wipes amongst other things. Cloth nappies can help prevent that and are kind to your baby's bum and look cool.

Our nappy library will aim to provide impartial advice and support to families considering trying cloth nappies.  

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nappy library dot wimbledon at nct dot org dot uk

Email Sarah to give it a go

Full demo offered, plus written instructions

We have kits to suit new born babies through to potty training. Kits include nappies, fleece and paper liners, large and small wet bags. Detergent is not included.

One month hire cost £20, with £25 returnable deposit. (cash or bank transfer)

NAPPY FACT: Disposable nappies use 90 times more renewable resources and 8 times more non-regenerable resources (such as crude oil).

NAPPY FACT: Research has shown that babies using reusable nappies are NOT more likely to get nappy rash.

NAPPY FACT: At least 4.5 trees are needed to produce the disposable nappies for one child.

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