You will study four modules during your NCT BA (Hons) degree course.

1. The Cultural Shaping of Birth and Beyond

Through this module you will deepen your understanding of why ‘birth and beyond’ is as it is in the UK now. You will also explore how pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenthood have developed over time in our society and learn more about the major ideas that have influenced these developments. 

This module will take you on a journey through contemporary social, philosophical and political theories that have impacted on thinking in UK society, especially those that relate to how ‘birth and beyond’ has been experienced. You will have the opportunity to examine theories and events that emerge from a range of interrelated sources: culture, politics, economics, society and technology. 

Also, you will be able to consider the implications for the contemporary experience of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenthood. 

2. Bringing about Change for Birth and Beyond

This module explores what can be done to influence the reality of birth and beyond for parents to enable them to have the experience they want. It considers how best to bring about change inside and outside the NCT locally and nationally.

You will have the opportunity to explore ideas about how change can and does happen and look at theories and evidence alongside developing essential practical skills. The module will engage in the national debate about birth and beyond and with new and ongoing research.

You will even look at change for yourself, personally and professionally, and have the opportunity to consider how you could get involved in bringing about appropriate change within the NCT, with other professionals, with organisations both local and national and within society and its political structures.

3. The Adult Learner

Do you want to deepen your understanding of how we learn and develop your practice? This module will deepen your understanding of learning by exploring the theories that explain how we learn, enabling you to better support learners. 

You will also build on your existing knowledge by exploring current and historical educational theory about the ways adults learn, the barriers to learning and how to best support learning.

4. Independent Study 

Are you interested in exploring an area of ‘birth and beyond’ or ‘teaching and learning’ in depth? Do you enjoy delving into the literature and finding out new ideas, concepts or theories? 

The Independent Study module is your chance to put your research skills into practice. You will be able to answer your own research question through reading and analysing the relevant literature into a topic of your choice within the Birth and Beyond field or Teaching and Learning. You will have the support of the module leader and a supervisor, chosen specifically to help you with your own field of enquiry. 




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