The Preparation for Birth and Beyond antenatal course has been developed by a multi-disciplinary group of professional and voluntary sector agencies.

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Working with the Department of Health, it is based on a systematic review of the evidence of what works in antenatal education carried out by the University of Warwick, and extensive interviews with a broad cross-section of mothers and fathers-to-be and new parents.

 The PBB antenatal education programme explores six themes with mothers and fathers-to-be:

  • My/our developing baby
  • Changes for me and us
  • My/our health and wellbeing
  • Giving birth and meeting my/our baby
  • Caring for my/our baby
  • Who is there for me/us – people and services

The aim is to help mothers and fathers get the practical skills they need to cope with labour and care for their baby, and an understanding of how to nurture their own relationship across the transition to parenthood and to how to co-parent their baby.

The course supports mothers and fathers to share their feelings, recognise the skills they already have to nurture their babies and maintain positive mental health, and develop a support group where they can share the challenges of parenting with their peers.

We are offering training in the PBB programme to health professionals and social and health care workers. The training which is tailored to the specific needs of practitioners working with mothers and fathers in different settings examines:

  • The evidence and philosophy underpinning the PBB programme
  • The content of the programme
  • The skills needed to deliver the programme.

If you've attended Preparation for Birth and Beyond parent education, you can download the relevant handouts.

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