Released on: 19 November 2020

NCT is delighted to have appointed the equality and social justice charity brap as an external partner to help affect a major culture shift in its equality, diversity and inclusion practices. Together with the formation of a charity-wide Diversity Network, this is the next step in a comprehensive and reinvigorated plan of work to improve, update and embed the charity’s approach to equality, diversity and inclusion.

brap is a charity transforming the way organisations think and do equality, using meaningful approaches to learning, change, research, and engagement. Building on extensive knowledge and experience of the key issues that people are facing, they work to show organisations how they can change their culture and practices, using progressive, innovative equality approaches to develop better, fairer services for all.

Angela McConville, Chief Executive at NCT, said:

“This new partnership with brap represents the next step in our work to co-create a powerful, deliverable plan to bring about a major shift in our equality and inclusion practices, right across the NCT community. The partnership with brap is a catalyst for reflection, learning, collaboration and change. 

“Our aim is to create an open, diverse, culturally competent and inclusive charity for everyone, for all parents. I’d like to share my thanks with everyone who had the motivation and courage to talk to me about their experiences of our culture and practice. Particular thanks to the NCT Diversity Network, who were involved in the selection of brap as our new partner. 

“This is a very important next step. By creating the conditions for change and by taking positive action, we believe we can drive progress to become an open, inclusive and diverse charity so we can support all parents, whoever they are, whatever their background and whatever their situation”.

Joy Warmington, Chief Executive at brap, said:

“We are pleased to be able to collaborate with NCT, to support their inclusion ambitions.

“We recognise the need to be courageous in our approach to addressing inequality. We believe in approaching every situation as complex and unique. We draw from a range of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, organisational development, power dynamics and deep democracy, as ways of understanding and delivering within the complexity that many of our partners face.

“‘Inclusion’ has become a word or theory that everyone talks about but very few are able to realise and articulate in their work. NCT has seen an opportunity to fill this ‘gap’ – to understand more about how focusing on inclusion can help the charity deliver world-class support to all parents, supported by world-class staff, trustees, practitioners, and volunteers”.

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