Released on: 20 July 2022

In response to the first Women's Health Strategy for England to tackle the gender health gap, NCT's Chief Executive Angela McConville said:

“Every woman has the right to be listened to, have her concerns addressed and have prompt access to the best quality health care. But there are systematic disparities and inequalities which must end.  

"The gender health gap will not be reduced without properly funded maternity services. We need a change in culture, investment in people and practices to end systematic disparities and inequalities and ensure all women are listened to and have prompt access to the best quality care.  

"Women’s lifelong health issues can be both the cause and effect of complications during their maternity journey so maternity care should not be perceived as a distinct area. We are disappointed that maternity services have not been considered in a centrally focussed manner within the strategy.  

"However, we're delighted that calls for fair and equal access to IVF treatment have been heard. NHS fertility support should be equitably provided regardless of sexual orientation.   

"We also strongly welcome the new support for parents who lost a baby in pregnancy through miscarriage or stillbirth."

“Investment in family hubs to expand the support for breastfeeding and mental health is much needed to offer families the best start in life. This resource for early-days help can be a lifeline to boost birth recovery and parenting confidence." 

You can find the health strategy here.

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