Released on: 30 July 2021

In response to new data showing a rise in hospital admissions for unvaccinated pregnant women, Sarah McMullen, Director of Impact and Engagement, NCT, said:

“We are extremely concerned about this new data and, along with the Chief Midwifery Officer for England, strongly encourage pregnant women to consider having the Covid-19 vaccination as soon as possible. Many pregnant women remain unvaccinated and clinically vulnerable.

“It is understandable that pregnant women have questions and hesitations about vaccinations and they need to be able to trust in the information and support to make an informed decision. We’ve been really frustrated to hear of so much misinformation and the confusion this has caused.

“We urge healthcare professionals to read the evidence-based guidance on Covid-19 in pregnancy – published by RCOG and RCM – and to make every contact count to support informed decision-making. We’ve got more information on our website to help women decide.”

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