Released on: 04 July 2019

In response to ‘Maternity Care in Wales - A Five Year Vision for the Future’, Elizabeth Duff, Senior Policy Adviser, NCT, said:

‘There’s much to welcome here. We’re pleased to see a focus on supporting the whole family and providing continuity of carer for women both before and after birth. We also applaud the aim to improve the health of future generations to lower future mothers’ risks of complications in labour.

‘Breastfeeding, according to the Vision, will be promoted and supported, very welcome in a country whose breastfeeding rates have been described as “among the lowest in the world”.

‘Postnatal care is often reported by new mothers as least the satisfactory part of their maternity care. So it’s good news that “a minimum of three community-based midwifery contacts” are promised, especially if these include support with infant feeding, physical recovery and care for mothers’ mental health.

‘Unfortunately, we know that women from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to have stillborn babies or die in childbirth. So we’re particularly pleased to see maternity staff are to work collaboratively with other organisations to try to lessen the impact of social adversity.’

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