NCT Courses and Covid-19

Until the end of November 2020 our courses are online, not in person, due to the UK’s social distancing measures, particularly the inclusion of pregnant women in a ‘vulnerable group’ advised to avoid social contact.

We know how much you value our in-person courses so we’re keeping our options open for courses from December 2020 onwards. Currently you can still book these as in-person classes but we’ll only bring people back together in venues once it is safe to do so. We’ll never put you, your baby or your family at risk. Read our course FAQs and Covid-19 pregnancy and birth information.

Our Covid-19 Price Promise: If you book a course that is already being delivered online you’ll receive a 15% discount at the time of booking. If you book a course that is currently offered as in-person, we’ll give you back 15% of your course fee if we need to move it online to ensure your safety.

All our course leaders complete a university-accredited course before delivering NCT courses. They are fully licensed, quality assured and experienced in preparing you and your partner - both physically and emotionally - for the arrival of your baby.

NCT Course leaders

NCT Antenatal Teachers, NCT Postnatal Leaders and NCT Breastfeeding Counsellors undertake a full training programme to gain a DipHE in Antenatal Education, DipHE in Postnatal Group Facilitation and DipHE in Breastfeeding Counselling respectively. These programmes are unique in the world and have been validated by University of Worcester because of their rigour and innovative approach to training.

Once qualified, NCT Antenatal Teachers, NCT Postnatal Leaders and NCT Breastfeeding Counsellors gain an NCT Licence to Practise. NCT assures quality with ongoing training and supervision.

Course leaders are required to attend study days and to keep their knowledge on research up to date, and are expected to have an in-depth knowledge of current developments in the field.

NCT maintains standards by regular reviews on each practitioner after the first year of practice, and thereafter every three years. The Licence to Practise is renewed annually only if the requisite conditions are met.

To make sure that the services are being provided by a qualified NCT course leader, simply call NCT Parents Services on 020 8752 2300 or email and ask to see their Licence to Practise. (Please note, that Midwives and Health Visitors are qualified to provide parentcraft classes and their registration can be checked at

NCT provides insurance for all those providing services to parents on its behalf.

Find out what new parents thought of the NCT course leaders who supported them on their journey:

"[Our antenatal teacher] was such a wonderful, positive and calming influence and her active encouragement caused us to form a very close-knit NCT group, which was a life saver when our babies came."

- New mum in Wandsworth

"She didn’t preach to us but made us understand all the different options so that we could make our own choices." 

- New dad in Richmond

"[Our postnatal leader]  was very good at stepping back and letting us talk, whilst also guiding the discussion to keep us on track."

- New mum in Milton Keynes

"[Our breastfeeding counsellor] At last, somebody who actually cared about what I was going through and understood my passion for wanting to breastfeed!"

- New mum in Central & South Manchester
NCT Membership

NCT Membership

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