Beverley is an NCT doula in South London, Surrey and surrounding areas.

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About Beverley

Beverley lives in Banstead, Surrey, with her husband, four children, mum and many pets.

Pregnancy, labour and birth are such an important time in life for a woman and those surrounding her. Her experiences, and the way she is cared for, really matter, and can have an impact, either positive or negative, lasting for the rest of her life.

Beverley decided to train as a doula so that she could offer support to other women and help them to make their labour and birth the most empowering, positive experience possible. She believes that if a woman has an abundance of support, love and care, she will better be able to engage with her body’s ability to labour and birth her baby and find the strength to make any decisions that might become necessary along the way. 

The birth doula service Beverley offers aims to provide the additional support women and their partners need on their journey towards meeting their baby. She will help you to navigate your way through all the information and choices that you are faced with and be there for any unexpected ‘detours’ along the way. She will focus solely on the mother, and her partner’s needs, make space for her to listen to her body, and to allow time for well thought over decisions to be made.
During pregnancy, Beverley would spend time preparing you emotionally and mentally for a positive labour and birth. Together you would prepare a birth plan, talking about what you want/don’t want, what options are available and questions to ask. You would learn and practice some practical skills such as breathing, massage and positioning, and discuss other ideas such as nesting, visualisation, and relaxation.

Beverley would ensure that partners have space to discuss their feelings, hopes and worries. She would not take over their role but be there to support them as they need. If you do not plan to have a partner with you, then Beverley can take on this role.

During labour her focus would be to make sure you stayed calm, in control and comfortable, using the coping techniques you had practiced. Beverley would not be there to tell you what to do, but to provide the props, space, information and courage to make decisions that are right for you, your partner and the baby.

The package Beverley offers includes four antenatal meetings, including breast feeding preparation, attendance at labour and birth, and one postnatal meeting.

You can have a look through Beverley’s website ( to find out a little more about her, and if there is anything else you would like to know, then she would be happy to be in contact via phone or email.

Beverley Hinton


Beverley is an NCT doula


Beverley will provide support by: 

  • Offering a free initial consultation.
  • Meeting with you a minimum of three more times before the birth.
  • Being on call, exclusively for you, for two weeks before the baby is due and two weeks after.
  • Being available by phone and email from start of contract, until six weeks after the birth.
  • Having a selection of books about labour and birth, and props and equipment for you to borrow.
  • Staying with you throughout labour and birth.
  • Providing breastfeeding support.
  • Meeting with you postnatally to discuss the labour and birth.


"I doubt we’ll ever actually find the words to express how much you mean to us and how thankful we have been for all your help in the run up to yesterday as well as getting us through Saturday night and Sunday morning – you gave a strength and a comfort all the way through that made everything easier to handle. Thank you so much."

- Niamh and Gordon, parents of baby Liam

"She put me right at ease and provided me with a few handy tips for the impending birth. I knew that my baby was posterior and she showed me how I could help to reposition him with a few simple steps.  Beverley was very calm and well informed. She took a great interest in my previous birthing stories and shared her own personal experiences with me. I would recommend her to anyone having a baby as their right hand person.  She would be particularly useful and helpful to those who are about to have their first baby, as she has a wealth of knowledge to draw from."

- Cheryl, mother of baby Emmett


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