Beverley is an experienced birth and postnatal doula, and Breastfeeding Counsellor. She lives in Banstead, Surrey and works in South London, Surrey and surrounding areas.

Beverley is also a Mindful Mamma hypnobirthing instructor, Holistic infant sleep coach, Brazelton new-born baby observation practitioner, and Mental Health First Aider. Offering a comprehensive service to the families she works with, giving evidence-based support on the most commonly worried about pre and postnatal topics.

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If there is anything else you would like to know after looking through the website, then she would be happy to be in contact via phone or email.

About Beverley

Pregnancy, labour, and birth are such an important time in the life of a family. Your experiences and the way you are cared for really matter, and can have an impact, either positive or negative, on your family for the rest of your life.

In her role as your doula, Beverley will endeavour to offer you the support you need to make your birth and postnatal experience the most empowering, positive one possible. She believes that if you have an abundance of support, love, and care, you will better be able to engage with your body’s ability to birth your baby, finding the strength to make any decisions that become necessary along the way.

Beverley will help you to navigate your way through all the information and choices you are faced with and be there for any unexpected ‘detours’ along the way.

She will focus on your needs, making space for you to listen to your body, and allowing time for well thought over decisions to be made.

Beverley's philosophy on her relationship with the families she supports is that the benefits a doula brings come from really getting to know, understand and trust each other.

She therefore will meet with you a minimum of four times before the birth (these are additional to the no-obligation getting to know each other introductory zoom she offers).

During these meetings you will spend time preparing emotionally and physically for a positive birth. Together you will plan a beautiful birth environment, where you can feel safe and relaxed, wherever you are to have your baby. You will also prepare a birth plan, talking through what you want/don’t want, what options are available and questions to ask. Finally, you will learn and practise some practical skills such as breathing, massage, positioning, visualisation, hypnobirthing, mindfulness, and relaxation.

Beverley will also use her skills as a Breastfeeding Counsellor to support you to prepare to feed your new baby.

Beverley will come to you once labour begins, her focus to support you to feel calm, in control and comfortable, and help you to use the coping techniques you have practised together. She would not be there to tell you what to do, but to provide the props, space, information, and courage to make decisions that are right for you, your baby and your family. She will stay with you until your baby is born, and also visit you postnatally.

Beverley will aim to ensure your chosen partner feels prepared for their role. Giving them space to discuss their hopes, feelings, and worries. She does not take over their role but is there to support them as needed, allowing them to relax and enjoy the birth. If you do not plan to have a partner with you, then Beverley can take on this role.

Beverley Hinton


  • NCT birth doula
  • NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor
  • OCN level 6 Holistic Infant sleep coach
  • Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing instructor
  • Brazelton Newborn Baby Observation practitioner
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • BSc (Hons) Anatomy and Physiology
  • Baby Wearing Peer Supporter (NCT)
  • Twins and Multiples Training (NCT)
  • Biomechanics for Birth Trained


Beverley will provide support by: 

  • Offering a free no obligations initial consultation.
  • Meeting with you a minimum of four times before the birth.
  • Being on call, exclusively for you, for two weeks before your baby is due and two weeks after.
  • Being available by phone and email from when you book, until six weeks after the birth.
  • Having a selection of books for you to borrow.
  • Birth pool hire, with all equipment.
  • Aromatherapy massage oil included.
  • Coming to you as labour advances and staying with you until your baby is born.
  • Staying with you for about 3 hours after your baby has been born.
  • Meeting with you postnatally to discuss the labour and birth.
  • Offering hypnobirthing support.


"I doubt we’ll ever actually find the words to express how much you mean to us and how thankful we have been for all your help in the run up to yesterday as well as getting us through Saturday night and Sunday morning – you gave a strength and a comfort all the way through that made everything easier to handle. Thank you so much."

- Niamh and Gordon, parents of baby Liam

"She put me right at ease and provided me with a few handy tips for the impending birth. I knew that my baby was posterior and she showed me how I could help to reposition him with a few simple steps.  Beverley was very calm and well informed. She took a great interest in my previous birthing stories and shared her own personal experiences with me. I would recommend her to anyone having a baby as their right hand person.  She would be particularly useful and helpful to those who are about to have their first baby, as she has a wealth of knowledge to draw from."

- Cheryl, mother of baby Emmett


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