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Until the end of February 2021 our courses are online. Currently, due to rising Covid-19 infection rates and official guidance for pregnant women, online is the only way we can safely and practically deliver local, fully interactive and inclusive courses – a decision supported by the Royal College of Midwives.

We know how much you value our in-person courses so we’re keeping our options open for courses from March 2021 onwards. Currently you can still book these as in-person classes but we’ll only bring people back together in venues once it is safe to do so. We’ll never put you, your baby or your family at risk.

To understand more about why we're delivering our courses online please read our course FAQs. Our website also has an up-to-date section on Covid-19 pregnancy and birth information.

Our Covid-19 Price Promise: If you book a course that is already being delivered online you’ll receive a 15% discount at the time of booking. If you book a course that is currently offered as in-person, we’ll give you back 15% of your course fee if we need to move it online to ensure your safety.

Gabriela is an NCT Doula in London.

Would you like Gabriela to be your doula?

Email or call 07398 233388

About Gabriela

Gabriela is a birth and postnatal doula. She was born in South of Brazil and has been living in London since 1999. 

As a mother herself to a teenage girl and ten year old boy, Gabriela brings with her a lived experience of how to nurture a child from conception onwards. Having had varied birthing experiences with her own two children, her goal, from the very beginning of motherhood, was to give her children the very best in terms of emotional, physical and spiritual development. It is this support that she offers the families that she works with.

The call to serve

Gabriela first felt a desire to be a Birth Companion after the birth of her first child. She was fortunate enough to have a doula at both her children’s births and was grateful for the support and guidance she received during this precious time.

Gabriela has supported many couples through pregnancy and birth both at hospital and at home, giving her first-hand knowledge of how specialised support the birthing and environment can enhance a mother’s experience. Every birth and family is unique and Gabriela supports the needs and wants of the family, while helping to empower the mother to have confidence in herself and to reassure her of her instinctive ability to give birth. She will help the family to make fully informed choices while respecting their desires. 

She recently qualified as yoga teacher. Gabriela started practicing thirteen years ago while pregnant with her daughter. She was advised that yoga would help with the challenges a changing body could bring and would provide comfort for her baby.  She is now starting a training to develop a pregnancy yoga sequence for clients who may be interested in the benefits that yoga can bring to mother, partner and baby. 

Gabriela says “I will listen to your concerns, provide information, care and understanding in a completely non-judgemental, non-prescriptive way. I will make clear to you your options and choices and I’ll encourage you to trust in your instincts and feelings about the birth you want. I will hold you and care for you with my whole heart.”

Gabriela Teixeira


  • Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers Paramana Doula Course
  • Introduction to Breastfeeding with Indira Lopez-Bassols 
  • NCT Access to NCT training
  • NCT doula 
  • Yoga Teaching Training at Shiva Shakti Yoga – Goa/India


Gabriela will provide support by:

  • Meeting with you two times before your birth to ensure that she fully understands your birth wishes and to begin to build a friendship with you
  • Encouraging you to consider your birth preferences and explore your birth options
  • Staying with you throughout your labour and birth
  • Offering you (and your birth partner) physical, emotional and spiritual support
  • Staying with you for 3 hours after your baby has been born to nurture and support you during those precious hours as you make the transition into parenthood
  • Meeting with you after your birth to listen to your birth story and signpost to any other appropriate support


"We had the great pleasure to have Gabriela’s presence during Martha’s birth day and she was exceptional with her assistance to the 3 of us. Before I met Gabriela I was not sure if a 3rd person in such a personal moment of a couple life will be the best idea, then I met Gabriela, before the big day, and from the beginning Gabriela was very helpful making me aware of all the changes that my body will have. This allowed me to have more control of the situation because I knew what would be happening and how to react and not panic would help the baby and myself.

One of the greatest things that I really appreciate was Gabriela’s approach for the natural birth and how she made me understand with scientific and logical arguments why I should go for this option! All the knowledge mixed with a kind and strong personality gave me safety that I did the right choice having Gabriela’s help on Martha’s birth day.

Then we had the big day, and each time that I had a contraction Gabriela was there guiding me how to breath how to control my body and make my 26 hours less painful, and she was remarkable! And her support was extended also to my partner because she was making him be there for me and that gave me an extra energy for such a tough moment. I can say that we had an angel helping us in such an important moment of our lives.

Thank you very much Gabriela."

- Monica and Miguel, parents of Martha.
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