Jess is currently an NCT Doula.

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About Jess

Jess lives in Hampshire and can support parents living in and around Southampton, Winchester and Basingstoke.

From a young age, Jess learnt about the wonder of childbirth from her mother who supported families for over 30 years as a Breastfeeding Counsellor and Lactation Consultant. Having worked in London in Creative Advertising for over 10 years, she decided it was time to follow in her mother’s footsteps and train to practice as a Doula in Hampshire

Jess is a caring, approachable and intuitive person who will provide you with non-judgmental support. She is empathetic and happy in any environment – be it at a planned caesarean, home birth, birth in a labour ward or birthing centre.

She will assist with planning throughout your pregnancy and will be your advocate during labour, working alongside midwives to help you achieve the experience you desire.

She appreciates that every labour and birth is unique and is trained in breathing and relaxation techniques, counter-pressure and massage, plus positions to make you more comfortable. She will also be there for your partner, to help them understand what is happening and how to best support you.

However you wish to bring your child into the world, Jess will be the person you (and your partner) didn’t realise you needed by your side, to ensure you feel confident in your body, prepared and safe. 

Jess Welsh


  • NCT Doula training with the University of Worcester 
  • NCT Access to learning course 
  • Voluntary work with La Leche League GB and New Zealand 
  • Supporting Lansinoh at Baby Friendly conferences 
  • Vodafone World of Difference winner, working with the child healthcare charity Best Beginnings 
  • BA (hons) Creative Advertising 


Jess will provide support by:

  • An initial, no pressure meeting to decide if she is the right Doula for you 
  • Meeting with you two subsequent times during your pregnancy to discuss the support you would like 
  • Providing valuable information about your local trusts and services to help you make informed decisions 
  • Helping you formulate your birth plan 
  • Being on call 24/7 for the two weeks before your due date and until your baby is born 
  • Staying with you throughout your labour and birth to be your advocate and support you both emotionally and practically 
  • One postnatal visit to give you the opportunity to talk through your birth experience and any further support you would like 


Feedback from Jess’s client:

“Jess was an absolute godsend during my labour. Without her I think that both my husband and I would have had a very different and stressful experience. She sorted out all the practical bits, such as calling labour line and packing the car with everything we needed to take with us. This meant that my husband and I could focus on relaxing and enjoying the process of welcoming our son into the world. 

We met with Jess twice whilst I was pregnant, and she helped us to create our birth plan. There were things we didn’t know about, such as delayed cord clamping, that she told us about, which meant we could make a lot of our decisions ahead of time, rather than being pressured in the moment. We had planned for a home birth which we unfortunately couldn’t have due to last minute staffing issues, so Jess was a great support in getting us prepared to go into hospital, both practically and emotionally. I know that without Jess we would have had a totally different experience. I could write an essay on the ways in which Jess was helpful, but mainly just knowing that she was there as our advocate, at a time when we didn’t want to have to think about anything else, meant the absolute world to us.” - Steph

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