Maria is a qualified Birth Doula supporting families in Hertfordshire, North London, North Middlesex and South Cambridge.

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About Maria

Maria is a mother of two grown up children and lives in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire with her husband and little mini–Dachshund Percy.

Having 20 years experience supporting families with new babies, Maria is passionate about delivering a high level of emotional, physical, and practical support, enabling you and your partner (if you have one) to focus on each other and the baby. She understands that every woman's birth journey is unique, and life-changing, and will put your family's experience of pregnancy, labour, and birth at the heart of everything she does.

Maria looks to develop a strong connection with her clients through trust, empathy, and a non- judgmental perspective, understanding that working together to meet your individual needs, whatever the birth setting (homebirth, or hospital) or type of birth (vaginal, VBAC or caesarean), helps make an already wonderful experience more empowering.

To ensure that all women and their birth partners feel prepared, included, and supported, Maria looks to provide evidence-based information so that they are able to make their own informed decisions. She is passionate about her clients having autonomy over their birth, that they feel that their voices are heard, and will advocate for both the woman and her partner to achieve this.

By helping to formulate your birth preferences, led by your hopes or past experiences, and explore all options available, Maria aims to make your birth as empowering and fulfilling as it can be.

Supported with comfort and calmness throughout labour and birth Maria looks to create a safe and protected environment. Through guided breathing techniques, affirmations, massage, visualisation, and by using various labour and birth positions and techniques, she will help to maintain an oxytocin-fuelled sacred space and enable the woman and her partner to feel in control throughout labour and birth.

Once your new baby has arrived, Maria will be there to ensure that you feel settled and comfortable. She will be on hand to help with achieving skin to skin, the first feed and provide any information on taking care of yourself and your baby as your postnatal journey into parenthood begins.

Maria covers Lister Hospital, Princess Alexandra, Barnet, Watford, Cambridge, and North London hospitals, and if you are planning a home birth will come to your home and support you throughout.

Maria Marsh


  • NNEB Nursery Nurse
  • NCT Antenatal Teacher
  • NCT Yoga for Pregnancy Instructor
  • NCT Birth Doula
  • Certified in 'Birth Practices' Spinning Babies, 2022
  • Certified in 'Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Rebozo' S Messager, 2022
  • Certified in 'Biomechanics for Birth' Optimal Birth, 2023


Maria will provide support by:

  • Meeting with you and your partner (if you have one) three times before the birth to form a supportive relationship, discuss your birth preferences, talk over any concerns and explore your birth options.
  • Be available in the evenings and at weekends between meetings by text message or email. 
  • Be on call 24/7 for 10 days before your estimated due date and until your baby is born.

  • Stay with you throughout your labour and birth and for a few hours after to ensure you and your family are comfortable and settled.
  • Meet once during the first six weeks after the birth to reflect on your birth experience, answer any questions you may have and signpost you to additional services if required. 


"We would highly recommend Maria as a doula.

After a long labour that ended in a c-section with our first child, I knew we needed support with our second and booking Maria was the best decision we made.

We had a positive VBAC with Maria’s help. We knew Maria was the right fit for us as she was non-judgmental, and I felt at ease talking to her about our concerns and preferences with our second. Maria was supportive, and pointed us to information, research, and books to help us make informed decisions. In addition, to achieve what we wanted, she helped us put an “out of guidance” birth plan in place which was instrumental in our birth. I also found her emotionally supportive, and she helped us advocate for ourselves. Maria joined one of our midwife appointments too as we didn’t feel confident enough to put our point across to the hospital by ourselves, but she let us lead the conversation and only providing input when requested.

Maria put a biomechanics exercise plan in place for my third trimester which I believe helped for a positive birth experience and to get the baby in the optimal position for my body. Maria came to our house when we called her once I felt I needed her during labour. She was a calming presence and helped me through surges. When it was time to go to the hospital, she confirmed our preferences with us again, kept me calm (as the birth centre was closed) and made the labour ward room feel very cosy with lights etc and helping me with surges. My husband also found Maria to be supportive throughout but never intrusive. Our second baby arrived within about 90 mins on entering hospital and Maria ensured I caught my baby and had skin to skin (this was very important to me).

Maria built a good relationship with the midwives which helped. After our baby was born, I needed a backrest but there was none so Maria sat behind me so I could lean back on her back! Maria also stayed with us (including postnatal support and helping with the first breastfeed).

It was useful to reflect on the birth 2 weeks after with Maria, to fill in the gaps we couldn’t remember. I found this birth to be empowering and very positive. Our only regret was not having Maria at our first birth!"

- Darshni and Danesh


"Maria was my doula for the birth of my first child, Noah. I found Maria's profile on the NCT website and felt an immediate connection with her during our first meeting. Her calm and positive demeanour was very comforting and reassuring both during my pregnancy and while I was in labour. She was always very responsive whenever I had any questions or concerns about my pregnancy. As soon as I went into labour, she was on her way to our home to help support my husband and I immediately and did not leave our side until approximately 25 hours later once our son had been born and the three of us felt settled.

During labour at home Maria helped with positions, breathing and movement suggestions and after a while she used the rebozo and some biomechanics positions as the contractions were not progressing. These really helped to speed things up and soon I was in established labour, and it was time to head for the hospital. Once we were in hospital, she helped make the birth room nice and comfortable, offered encouragement and helped protect the space from unwanted distractions.

One thing I really appreciated about my experience was that I never felt like Maria was pushing her opinions or agenda onto me. She is very kind, encouraging, supportive and knowledgeable. She is easy to talk to and listens to her clients wishes and concerns. She genuinely wanted to support me in fulfilling my birth plan in the best way possible. My labour journey ended up having some unexpected detours and during this time Maria was comfortable communicating with the midwives and doctors guiding use to advocate for ourselves and our wishes. I fully trusted her to help me, and my partner evaluate our options and to make informed decisions. I recommend Maria to any expectant mothers/couples who are looking for additional support and guidance in their pregnancy and birth journeys. I only wish she was offering postnatal doula services as well so we could keep her longer.

Thanks, Maria, we love you!"

Nikki - Mum to baby Noah

"Maria was the most amazing birthing doula; my partner and I cannot imagine giving birth without her help and support. We decided to get a doula to support us both mentally and physically, as well as to provide advocacy throughout.

We met Maria early on in our pregnancy. She was super personable, helped us to shape our birth plan whilst being supportive and encouraging to my partner. We looked at positions for labour and birth and different breathing techniques and Maria signposted us to easy to access evidence-based information and guidance.

One thing I appreciated the most was the use of spinning babies to optimally position the baby and initiate labour: this was particularly important as we were 2 weeks overdue and keen to avoid induction! Maria walked us through the circuit and encouraged us to try it ourselves. It really worked! I went into labour! Maria stayed with us for over 24h and did everything to make sure that the birthing environment was as calm as possible including candles and low-level lighting, suggested many different positions, breathing and visualisation techniques, both at home and on the consultant lead unit. She was always there for us and went above and beyond, her energy and passion was infectious, even when things started to slow down. She was personable and friendly with the midwives which was helpful in establishing the best decision-making processes and atmosphere.

At all stages Maria was the best advocate for us as a couple. She remained calm and comforting. I highly recommend Maria as a doula, and greatly appreciated her help, guidance, presence, and support throughout. Thank you so much!"

- Harriet, Laurie, and baby Dougie


"As the partner and first-time father, I think the best decision we made was to include Maria as our Doula in our birth plan.

I never felt overwhelmed because I knew we always had Maria there to help shepherd us if we needed it.

She was incredibly sensitive in giving us advice or just stepping back. She has a great intuition on when and what to suggest in the moment but also gave us space as well. This was important in retrospect, especially as dynamics can constantly shift between new midwives, being moved to new rooms and new Dr’s appearing and giving different information/suggestions. She was our constant while many other things changed, and her presence provided reassurance, so we felt that we weren't getting lost or overwhelmed within the process.

As a partner my role was purely to support my wife and having Maria there meant I could be completely present to support my partner and her needs. Being our first time, it was invaluable having someone, who had much more experience, with us through the whole labour. Someone who could advocate for us, if we needed it, when we were our most tired, or even just allow me to sleep without worrying that there wouldn't be support for my partner.

It takes a really special person to be able to go on this journey with a couple. Someone who is prepared for whatever may arise and be a constant calm presence, while providing support during the most delicate time of our lives. I truly appreciate the care in which Maria approaches her role as a Doula and I highly recommend her."

Lucas - partner and first-time father


"We are so grateful we had Maria’s help throughout pregnancy and labour, and after our little one’s birth. Maria is wonderfully down-to-earth, professional, and committed, and very warm and kind.

I had a particularly long and complicated labour that involved induction and ultimately a c-section, and there were several things we particularly appreciated about Maria. First, she really went out of her way to help me make sure I had tried all I could before accepting induction (at 42 weeks); she came all the way down to London to try some biomechanics and showed me and my husband how to do them on our own (and she also brought essential oils!). Then, during labour, we really appreciated not just her practical skill (suggesting positions for me to try, massaging me when I could still bear touch, and continuing to do biomechanics exercises with me), but the way she transformed the hospital labour room into a little oasis of magical calm with dim lights and her own birthing ball was amazing. Finally, throughout the long process (all weekend, really), Maria was a wonderful friend. She helped make sure my husband and I both ate and rested, she gave me great hugs when I needed them, and her warm, calm demeanour helped both my husband and I relax. Despite it being such a lengthy experience for everyone, Maria was always in good spirits, warm, and helpful. Thank you, Maria—we’re so glad we had you there!"

Molly and Fabien




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