Mum doing yoga with her baby

Mother and Baby yoga is a great way to ease yourself back into exercising as a new mother, while bonding with your baby.

Relax, strengthen your muscles and have fun with your baby. Mother and Baby yoga classes are a great way to get back into exercising. Gentle yoga moves are designed for you and your baby to do together, so you can bond while getting fitter.

What to expect

Mother and baby doing yoga

Feel stronger and calmer

Mother and Baby yoga strengthens and tones your muscles. We’ll focus specially on the muscles affected by giving birth – your tummy, pelvic floor and back. Yoga can also improve sleep, help you relax and improve your fitness and posture. 

Mother and baby doing yoga

Benefit your baby

Mother and Baby yoga offers lots of benefits to your baby – from calming and relaxing them, to helping their reflexes develop. It can improve their awareness of their surroundings, and even make your bond stronger. 

Mums doing yoga with their babies

Meet other mothers

These classes are for mothers and babies only, so they’re a great way to meet other mums. You’re welcome to join as soon as you’ve had your six/eight week check-up. Our classes are a peaceful place to meet and share. 

Course information

Open to all

Every mother’s welcome to join our Yoga classes. Whether you’re with your first child or your seventh, Mother and Baby Yoga is a great way to relax and focus on your new baby. 

Flexible sessions

Mother and Baby yoga classes run on a weekly basis. This makes them easier to fit around work or family commitments. Find your nearest class today.

Our Yoga teachers

Mother and Baby Yoga classes are taught by NCT specialist course leaders who have been given extra training. Knowledgeable, friendly and experienced, they’ll make you feel welcome.