Make your voice heard. We need politicians to hear that people care about maternal mental health, so that they take action. You can help change the system for parents.

#HiddenHalf supporters

Why are we campaigning for better six week check-ups?

Our research showed that currently only half of new mothers with a mental health problem receive the treatment they need. 

The six-week check is a key opportunity to identify these problems, but many women said their appointment was rushed and some ended up with less than 3 minutes to discuss their own health, often because their six-week check was squeezed in with the baby check.

We believe this can be fixed with some simple and low-cost changes to our health system. We’re demanding better six week postnatal check-ups so that all new mothers with a mental health problem can access the treatment available.

Supporters are at the heart of #HiddenHalf

We launched the #HiddenHalf campaign in summer 2017 to tackle under-diagnosis of perinatal mental illness. Since then, thousands of supporters have joined us to taken action across the UK to fight for better postnatal checks for new mums.

Since then, an incredible 6,000 people signed up as #HiddenHalf supporters, over 5000 supporters have written to their MP and lots have raised the issue with a minister. In 2019 we’ll keep up the pressure on the governments across the UK to change the system for new mums and families.

We can’t do it without you!

Our #HiddenHalf Influencing Guide tells you how to make your voice heard.

Whatever you can do, however small, will help. If the sum total of everyone’s small (or large) activities adds up to lots of noise, then politicians will sit up and pay attention.

Start by emailing your MP today - it only takes a couple of minutes on our online form.

A special message to supporters in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Do you have a little time available and would you be interested in getting involved in a #HiddenHalf campaign group to develop campaign activities for the local context? To find out more, please contact Jennie and Vicky at



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Find out more about the #HiddenHalf campaign.

Since launching the #HiddenHalf campaign in summer 2017, thousands of supporters have joined us to taken action across the UK to fight for better ...

Thank you for supporting the #HiddenHalf campaign. Together we are calling for a proper 6 week postnatal check for all new mums, with a focus on ...

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