Herts North

The Herts North branch of the NCT covers the Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth and Baldock areas, including surrounding villages.

About Us

We are a very active and friendly branch with over 600 members. All of our local services are run by volunteers, many of whom have become involved after being helped by the NCT themselves.

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We can support you before, during and after your baby arrives; whether or not you attend NCT antenatal courses, there are opportunities to meet up, make friends and share experiences.  We aim to provide a mixture of events and activities for both children and parents.

As well as running antenatal classes, we provide postnatal and breastfeeding support via local individuals and our Baldock Breastfeeding Cafe, and organise fundraising events including our very popular Nearly New Sales where you can pick up top-quality baby and children's clothes and equipment at bargain prices.

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We also organise regular informal get-togethers for parents and children. These include; Bumps SocialsBumps & Babies for expectant mothers and those with pre-walking babies, and Open Houses for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Take a look at our Baby and Toddler Groups page for more information.

We also run an NCTea group - our postnatal social group for parents/carers of babies with similar ages. Socials are held on a monthly basis for local parents / carers and their babies, held at a mutually convenient venue. Click here to find out more.

We run other regular events such as MiniTrekkers, a monthly social group for outdoor adventurers of all ages, as well as socials for bumps and special events throughout the year.

You don't have to be an NCT member to go along to our events - our services and activities are open to everyone. However, if you find the NCT helpful, and want to help it continue to reach other parents, please consider becoming a member.

In addition, our local children's centres provide free or low-cost activities for chidren and families.

NCT Herts North offers various services for parents and carers in the area including our Sling Library, breast pump hire, pregnancy yoga, and Baby First Aid courses.

Our Health Information page provides you with news about local hospital services and information and advice on a range of medical matters. If you are need of emotional support, you will find sources of help here. You'll find information about Hertfordshire's real nappy service and nappy library here too.


Have you thought about volunteering with your local NCT branch? It is a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and help out a local charity. It doesn’t matter if you have never volunteered before, we would love to see some new faces get involved. At present we need a PSA Link volunteer (a close link between the branch and our antenatal classes) to be part of the committee, and require the support of additional volunteers for our Baldock Bumps and Babies Group, Hitchin Open House Group, Mini Trekkers and Nearly New Sale.

If you do volunteer, you have the full support of the branch at all times. Volunteering is fun, engaging and rewarding. It is also a great thing to add to a CV!

If you would like more information, or to discuss any of the opportunities above, please email Caroline coordinator.hertsnorth@nct.org.uk or message our Facebook page. 

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