Welcome to the NCT Coventry Website. You will find lots of information about what services we currently offer parents in Coventry. But we want to offer more.

NCT branches rely on volunteers to run activities. We currently do not have enough Membership Volunteers to have an active branch and run the risk of our branch closing unless we can fill these roles.

Every branch needs at least five membership volunteers to be an active branch. These people would cover five vital roles.

Branch Coordinator - our branch leader.

Treasurer - in charge of maintaining our branch finances (using the NCT systems and bank account)

Parent Support Coordinator - focuses on what support we can offer parents in Coventry, and works the Treasurer to finance those services

Membership Coordinator - keeps are members up to date with whats going on. This role would also coordinate non membership communication on the website, email and social media.

Parent Services Area Link - liaises with our local Practitioners, keeping them up to date and finding new(ish) parents to visit expectant parents on their antenatal courses.

There are many other ways to get involved as a volunteer and can be found on our Get Involved page (see related section). For all roles there is no expected commitment term, you can be a volunteer for as long or as little time as you wish to.

Want to be a volunteer or find out more information, please contact us by on or through facebook messenger on @nctcoventry

Registered volunteers can pay the reduced NCT membership of £26.00 instead of £48.00 For more information on what being a member means visit


Thank you for reading this, we look forward to joining us as a volunteer






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