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Message from NCT Chair of Trustees

With great regret I inform you that Seána Talbot has left NCT as Trustee and President.

We all wish to extend our admiration and appreciation for all Seána has contributed to NCT over many years.

Our response to the tragedy in which Grace Roseman died in an NCT co-branded crib has quite rightly been an overwhelming priority for senior staff and Trustees over the past two years. During the Coroner’s Inquest we made a full and sincere apology on behalf of NCT to the Roseman family. NCT’s involvement in this tragedy is a matter of profound and lasting regret.

When NCT co-branded the crib in 2012 it had been repeatedly certified as complying with safety standards by a leading UK test house. I want to be clear that no individual is to blame for the decision to co-brand. Nonetheless, after the most careful consideration and extensive discussion, the Board of Trustees concluded, unanimously and with great regret, that it would not be appropriate for any Trustee in place when NCT took the decision to co-brand the Bednest crib to remain as a Trustee today. Subsequently remaining Trustees, including NCT President Seána Talbot, were asked to step down from the Board.

We have also commissioned an external review of our management and governance at NCT, with an initial report in the spring.

Seána has made an enormous contribution to NCT. Seána began her involvement as a volunteer, more recently invigorating the Belfast branch. She went on to become a Trustee and then NCT’s President. Over the years Seána has made a huge difference to the support available to parents including pressing for improvements to her local maternity services as an MSLC representative and driving work to expand our reach.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Stephenson
NCT Chair of Trustees.