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Read our tips on how to help your baby cope with daylight saving clock changes

Here are a few tips to help your baby adjust to clock changes (spring or autumn):

  • Some parents prepare for this a week or so in advance. If your baby or toddler is in a predictable sleeping routine, you might want to adjust it by 10 or 15 minute increments each evening and morning.
  • Keep the room where your baby sleeps darker, so they're unaware of, and unstimulated by, the brighter evenings or mornings when the clocks change. 
  • Some parents just keep to the same times and alter daytime naps or have lots of fresh air and exercise the day before the clocks change.
  • If your baby is an early riser you may need to take a nap in the day or go to bed earlier yourself.

Usually any disruption caused by the clock change will be temporary and even if you do nothing they will naturally adapt to the new time over a few days.

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baby laughing

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