Debbie lives in Hertfordshire with her three children and would be happy to support women and their families in Hertfordshire, North London, Northwest London and Middlesex.   

Would you like Debbie to be your doula?

Email: or call 07958 156014.

About Debbie

Debbie is a fully qualified Doula as well as an Antenatal and Postnatal Practitioner. This enables her to support and empower women and their families to make the right decisions for them throughout pregnancy, birth and in the early days with their baby. Debbie can help you write a ‘birth preference plan’ and can support you in all birth settings (home, hospital, birth centre). She believes feeling listened to, respected and supported can make all the difference with your birth satisfaction however you have your baby. 

Debbie offers emotional, physical and spiritual support to mothers and partners in having a positive birth experience. She creates a safe and sacred space for mothers to let go of their inhibitions and open themselves up to the soulful beauty of bringing new life into the world. By using a variety of breathing techniques, visualisations, affirmations, massage and labour and birth positions that are right for you, Debbie aims to optimise your relaxation and comfort throughout labour and birth. Debbie works with partners to be a calm and positive presence by promoting intimacy and connection between you both.   

Debbie will ‘hold’ you emotionally providing the postnatal support you require as you embark on your incredible journey and rebirth as parents. Debbie is reliable, friendly, warm, empathetic and an assertive Doula who loves supporting women and their families. 

Debbie Sibley


  • Debbie is a Qualified NCT Doula
  • Debbie is a Qualified NCT Antenatal Practitioner  
  • Debbie is a Qualified NCT Postnatal Practitioner
  • Debbie is a Sheila Kitzinger Award Winner 2021 for Women Centred Work
  • Debbie runs ‘Bumps and Babies’ groups in Barnet and Borehamwood as a volunteer
  • Debbie attended the 'Right in Childbirth Workshop 2021' (with Emma Ashworth, Maddie McMahon and Vetina Henchy)
  • Debbie attended the 'Working with Stressed Parents Workshop 2020' (With Sally Parkin)


Debbie will provide support by:

  • 1 x introductory meeting 
  • 2 x antenatal visits  
  • Being available by phone, text and or email in between meetings
  • Being on call for up to 21 days around your estimated due date
  • Staying with you throughout your labour and after the birth to ensure you and your new family are settled
  • Providing telephone support in the important early days
  • Meeting with you again within six weeks of the birth so we can reflect on your birth together


"Debbie, I can’t thank you enough, you were simply AMAZING from the minute we met. You made my labour so much easier this time around that it really couldn’t have been any better. Having had my previous births without a doula me & my husband were so anxious about the birth before we met, that we really couldn’t have done it without your help. I still can’t believe we ended up with this amazing, positive experience, and natural, unmedicated birth. The whole process was quick, you listened so well to my wishes for the birth, and you just made the journey a lot easier. We will cherish the memories forever."

(Dina & Mihai, 2022)

"Debbie you were amazing and no words can express how grateful I am that we met each other.  I can't have imagined anyone else being there.  It wasn't the birth I imagined but when I felt helpless and lost you got me through it.  Holding your hand and listening to you made me feel safe.  Thank you so much"

(Linda & Pete, 2022)

“Aside from being all around support (and a god send) it was really helpful that Debbie walked me through all of the options about giving birth i.e. active or passive management or to give Vit K or not etc. I didn’t have this kind of support the first time. 

During birth, it really calmed me knowing Debbie was there. She ensured that the room was set up the way I wanted it to be and that really helped me get through the hardest part of labour. Will thought it was great to have another person to support us. He was worried about me not being able to endure the pain but then he realised that having Debbie made me feel reassured and comfortable in doing it all naturally, and we were so glad that we did!”

(Apple & Will, 2021)

“Amit and I would like to say a big thank you to Debbie for helping us prepare for parenthood! Debbie’s sessions were really useful and well thought out. We found Debbie very approachable and knowledgeable.”

(Priya & Amit, 2021)

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