Gabby is an NCT licensed doula for Northampton, Kettering, Peterborough, Stamford, Kings Lynn, Boston and the surrounding areas.

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Gabby’s Facebook page: Gabby M – Birth and Postnatal Doula

About Gabby

Gabby lives with her husband in South Lincolnshire having recently moved from East Northants (Sept ‘2021). She has three grown up children and three grandbabies all born following very different labours, including an emergency and an elected caesarean. Having previously worked in the NHS Gabby is confident working alongside health professionals and she understands the need for women centred care.

She is passionate about supporting women through their pregnancy, birth and beyond and firmly believes a calm, relaxing environment for labour enables women to have a positive birth experience. Gabby feels her role as a doula is to work alongside the mother and her birth partner (unless they are not able to attend) before, during and after the birth by helping them to feel relaxed, informed, prepared and empowered. 

Choosing a doula is a big decision so you need to take time to find the right person. Gabby lives on the border of Leicestershire, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire, and is willing to travel up to 50 miles to provide doula support. Gabby is also very aware of the particular needs of military personnel, and their partners, and is willing to travel longer distances to help members of the Armed Forces.

Gabby works in partnership with other local doulas and introduces her clients to a second doula who will be available to act as a back-up for support should Gabby not be available whilst teaching. This ensures doula support is available at all times in the early stages of labour or during the ‘on call’ period. 

Gabby Matthews


  • Foundation Degree Arts in Birth and Beyond – University of Worcester
  • NCT Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Practitioner
  • NCT Doula
  • NCT Essentials Antenatal Course Facilitator
  • NCT Mother and Baby Yoga Teacher


Gabby will support you by:

  • Meeting with you three times prior to your birth to discuss your birth preferences and to build a trusting, supportive relationship
  • Making herself available to you 24 hours a day from 10 days prior to your due date to ensure she is present at your birth
  • Staying with you throughout your labour and birth
  • Meeting with you when you have returned home to listen to your thoughts and feelings on your birth and to guide you to further support if required

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