Lauren is a fully qualified and experienced NCT Doula based on the South Coast. She is happy to support all births within an hour's drive of her home address.

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About Lauren

Living in Hampshire with her husband and son, Lauren first became passionate about working with families in their journey from pregnancy to birth shortly after the birth of her son 5 years ago, and is an advocate for parents in ensuring they are heard, their preferences considered during the exciting and often challenging period of giving birth, and the immediate days following the baby's arrival. 

However a baby comes into the world, Lauren is there to support you with any choices you make, whether that’s an elective Caesarean birth, home, hospital or a birth centre. All of Lauren’s focus will be on ensuring you are as comfortable as possible, your needs are met to the best of her ability, and you and your partner have a voice to be able to discuss any concerns you may have at any time. 

Giving birth can be physically and emotionally draining on both the mother and her family, which is where Lauren will be able to utilise her skills best. Having been trained in a range of physical skills and breathing techniques, Lauren will help you find what is comfortable for you. She has a variety of ideas up her sleeve to keep things interesting and comes with a wealth of knowledge and compassion to be the support you need when you need it. Bringing a positive attitude, can do approach and endless energy, Lauren will support you and your partner through every scenario and will be your cheerleader, providing reassurance, care and compassion. 

Lauren happily supports all types of therapy and pain relief, meaning she will always advocate for your wishes, and ensure you have fully understood each decision made to keep you and your partner informed. 

Being fully qualified in both Antenatal teaching and Baby massage with NCT, Lauren is a real all-round support for you and your partner in the time leading up to the birth regarding antenatal planning and preparation, as well as helping you build a secure bond as a family unit with your baby following the birth via delicate and heart-warming sessions of baby massage, should you like them.

Lauren Hinde


  • NCT Access to training course (2020)
  • Birth and Beyond Foundation Degree Level 5 (Completed 2022)
  • NCT Baby Massage Practitioner (Completed December 2021)
  • NCT Antenatal Practitioner (Completed 2022)


Lauren will provide support by:

  • A no obligation meet and greet session to decide if Lauren is the right Doula for you.
  • A minimum of 2 further antenatal visits following your booking to discuss birth preferences and help you prepare, as well as discussing how you wish to be supported.
  • Support via phone, text and email throughout your pregnancy and up to 6 weeks following the birth.
  • 24/7 on call access from 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date until your baby is born.
  • Constant on-site or remote support for the duration of your labour according to your requirements, and for a few hours afterwards to ensure the family are settled (if requested)
  • At least 1 postnatal visit within the first 6 weeks of birth 


“I hired Lauren early on in my second pregnancy as with my first baby I had lots of interventions I would rather avoid, if possible, this time. It was great to talk though my first experience and what I ideally wanted from this pregnancy and birth experience. Lauren was great at listening to my worries but also reminding me that nothing was set and it was perfectly possibly for me to have the low intervention birth I wanted. 

We kept in touch though out my pregnancy and meet in person twice. The second time we had a good talk about all kinds of labour scenarios as it was possible, I might need an induction although this wasn't what I wanted. In the end I did go into labour spontaneously at home with my mum and sister staying, when Lauren arrived, we talked through what had been happening so far and she recommended a walk then I had a rest by myself. She was great as holding space for me and encouraging me and eat and drink. My contractions do not follow the normal pattern, so we were unsure when to go into the maternity unit. Lauren timed it perfectly with when recommending it was time to go, as we got in my waters went with in a few minutes of getting in the room and baby was born in the pool about 1hr and 30min after arriving. 

Lauren did all the communication with the midwife and student midwife which allowed my partner to focus on supporting me. I didn't have any internal checks and the environment was kept very calm and quiet. Lauren was also a great support when I was struggling as it was very intense, and she reminded me not to panic and trust my body. I think things would have been different if she had not been there. In our post birth meet it was lovely to go through baby birth and clarity on things I wasn't sure on”

- Elisa & Mike, parents of baby Eli (June 2022)

“Lauren was my doula for my second child. I had learned the hard way that once you give birth it is all about the baby and somehow nobody thinks about the mum (not even ourselves).

Lauren was there purely for me, to help get tea, breast pumps, clean and sterilise bottles, freeze the excess milk and MOST IMPORTANTLY send me to sleep. With Lauren here, I did not fall into the trap of "sorting one more thing" out, exhausting myself, because she brought me back to reality and helped me prioritise the care for myself, right after baby.

I have a large family, with a lot of support available, but Lauren made a huge difference and hiring her was one of the best decisions for my recovery after the birth”

- Alexandra & Dale, parents of baby John (May 2022)

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