Rehana is an NCT trained and licensed doula, and lives in South London. She covers most South London hospitals - in particular: Epsom, St Helier, Kingston, Chelsea and Westminster, St George's (Tooting), and Croyden University Hospitals.

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About Rehana

As a parent of 3 who are in their teens and early twenties I have a wealth of knowledge and experiences from my life as mum, employee, business owner, and now birth worker.  I would love to support you as an Antenatal Doula, and Postnatal Doula.

Rehana is passionate to pass on any insights she has gained along this journey of life to new parents, going through the transition from couple to parents, against the backdrop of those early sleep-deprived days.  

She can help support you: from early pregnancy, and at birth, and also postnatally to get you settled back home, and into your new life.  

Rehana believes that every woman, and every birth is unique. She aims to put you at the heart of what she does.  

In our no-cost initial meeting, we will explore your individual hopes, beliefs, and thoughts around how and where you would like to birth. It's also an opportunity for us to get to know each other.  

Once you have accepted me as your doula, an individual customised support plan will be drawn up to include all your support needs.  

Rehana feels it is a privilege to be able to support pregnant women and their partners through this life changing, and at times challenging phase in peoples' lives, by exploring your options, and supporting you to make informed decisions about your maternity care, wherever and however you choose to birth.  

Birth can be unpredictable, and Rehana feels good planning and preparation of mind, body and spirit will help a woman to feel much more positive about her birth experience, even if the outcomes differ from the original plan.


Rehana aims to cover the following during the pregnancy:

  • Prepare a birth plan, exploring your options, and addressing any questions you may need to ask.  
  • Planning for a beautiful, calm birth environment, where you can feel safe and relaxed.
  • You will practise practical, physical skills, such as breathing, relaxation, and massage for use in labour.  As well as practise using birth and peanut balls, and using different positions to provide comfort in early labour. Lots of practice in early pregnancy encourages muscle memory during labour, when things may appear unpredictable.
  • Help the birth partner with a plan for different ways to support the woman during the early and active stages of labour.
  • Help to settle mum and baby after the birth, whether that is on the postnatal ward, or at home.
  • Prepare a Postnatal Plan for when you go home with the baby.

When labour begins, Rehana will come to you, when you feel you need her to be with you, and will stay with you until the baby is born.

She will offer support, and work with you to maintain a positive birth environment and experience. Endeavouring to help you to feel calm and in control, and will use the physical skills that you have explored together to enable you to feel as comfortable as possible.

Rehana will advocate and cheer-lead for you, if this is what you want, and provide information for you to make the decisions that feel right for you at every point during the birth and afterwards.

After your baby is born she will stay with you for up to 3 hours, protecting the postnatal oxytocin-rich environment, and to provide you with ongoing support.

Within 6 weeks of the birth there will be a final meeting which provides a listening ear, and space to talk about your feelings around the birth.

Rehana will also work with your chosen partner before and during the birth, to help them to feel prepared for the birth, and to give them the confidence and tools to be able to support you during the birth. Rehana can take on this role if needed.

Rehana is also a member of the Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) for St George's Hospital, Tooting, and also Epsom and St Helier Hospitals, with the aim to help improve services for expectant and new parents. Through this she has developed contacts and good relationships.

Rehana Walker



Rehana will provide support by:

  • Booking the initial visit to agree the service with the woman (and her partner if she has one).  Meeting with you three further times before the birth, to get to know you, and your preferences for your birth.

  • In the meetings to explore your birth preferences, and any concerns you may have.  Supporting you, where needed, to;

    • Explore birth preferences and write your birth plan.

    • Work out a plan how to make your birth environment, calm, safe and comforting,

    • Explore practical physical skills for use in labour, such as - breathing, relaxation, massage, and different positioning techniques.

    • Practice using a birth and peanut ball, for pain relief, and to help the passage of the baby through to birth.

    • Empower you to make the decisions that are right for you and your family throughout pregnancy labour, and birth.

  • Be available by phone, text and or email in between meetings.
  • From 10 days before until 10 days after the due date to be on call for you 24/7 hrs exclusively.

  • Being with you as labour advances, and then throughout the labour until 3hrs after the birth.  Providing support and using comfort techniques, we practiced during earlier meetings.  Providing continuity of care throughout.

  • If you don’t have a birth partner Rehana can be a birth partner to support you, and to advocate for you, if that is what you require.  

  • To ensure you and your family are settled in and comfortable, after the birth. Helping both you, and your partner feel supported.  

  • Meet with you again once more postnatally within 6 weeks, to talk through your birth and to signpost you to any further support and local services you may need.



Rehana was an absolute Godsend. I felt supported by her during both my pregnancy and during my birth - emotionally and physically (showed me all the methods of surviving the early labour stage).

During my pregnancy, Rehana thoroughly focused on creating a birth plan with me kept me updated on all relevant information depending upon the stage of pregnancy I was at. The knowledge was useful, up to date and made me feel less anxious about the labour process.

My greatest fears were of experiencing unbearable pain, tearing and receiving stitches. Rehana talked me through ways in which to reduce pain and tearing (for example, discussing perineal massage etc). All the information was helpful to my specific needs. She made sure to tailor her services in order to provide the best support for my needs.
Rehana was by my side during the membrane sweep and initial induction process offering a great support by keeping me calm and providing me with encouraging words so that I wouldn’t fear the next stage.

During labour, I was unfortunately refused pain relief as I was still on the ward waiting for a room to become available…. During this time, Rehana was able to fight my corner and remind me of my rights so that I was aware of the facts and able to receive pethidine (at least!).

I would recommend her to every pregnant woman who wishes to have somebody by their side whom will truly listen to their needs and support them how they would like to be supported.

My beautiful baby boy was born on June 29th and I’m proud to say that although the labour was longer than expected, he was healthy and I managed to make it with a first degree tear and no stitches whatsoever!

Thank you ?
Sam, mum to  baby boy, Surrey

Rehana was sensitive to my needs, and supported me every step of the way. We had a difficult time giving birth to our oldest child and were apprehensive about things second time round. Rehana reassured me and gave me confidence to move past that experience. Rehana was warm, approachable and helpful throughout the whole process. I feel lucky to have had her support on this journey. I can’t recommend her highly enough!  

Joanna, Mum to Oscar


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