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About Simone

Simone is a dedicated doula serving the East Bristol area and surrounding regions within a 45-minute radius. With an innate calling to support families during the transformative journey of childbirth and the early weeks with a newborn, Simone's passion for this work shines through in every interaction.

Described as warm, caring, and empathetic, Simone is known as an advocate who approaches her role with exceptional reliability and respect. Her genuine smile welcomes everyone she assists, making them feel heard and valued. The name "Simone," meaning "she who hears," perfectly aligns with her ability to provide individuals with the space they need to express themselves.

Simone's qualifications include a certification from the National Childbirth Trust (NCT), along with the completion of antenatal training and a birth and beyond degree. Currently, she works as an antenatal and postnatal teacher, utilising evidence-based practices. Additionally, she runs a drop-in group (Black Mothers Matter) specifically tailored for Black/mixed Black mothers, recognising the importance of culturally sensitive support.

Her expertise extends to baby massage, mum and baby yoga, and pregnancy yoga, offering holistic care to expectant and new parents. Notably, Simone also underwent midwifery training in 2009 and has dedicated several years to supporting families within the NHS. Her goal is to ensure that partners feel included and connected during the labour and birth experience.

With a diploma in childcare and education earned in 2007, Simone has worked in children's centers and provided assistance as a mother's helper for twins. During this time, she realised the challenges and isolation that new parents often face during the first three months of parenthood. This revelation drove her to work in childcare centers, serving as a nursery nurse and facilitating support groups for parents with children aged 0-3 years.

Simone's extensive experience has shown her that there is often a lack of readily available support for new parents, coupled with a tendency for judgment regarding birthing choices and parenting styles. She firmly believes that birth is not just a single event but a pivotal experience that can shape the parent-child relationship and overall parenthood journey.

Simone's mission as a doula is to bridge the gap in services by providing personalised, nonjudgmental, evidence-based information to parents. She is dedicated to being with them every step of the journey, tailoring her support to their unique needs. Simone endeavors to create an environment that is safe and nurturing, ensuring parents feel empowered throughout labour and birth. She provides the stepping stones to transition into postnatal life with confidence, empowering parents to embrace their newfound roles with strength and assurance.




  • NCT Birth and Beyond Foundation Degree (2023)
  • NCT Postnatal practitioner (2023)
  • NCT Yoga for Pregnancy (2023)
  • NCT Mother and Baby Yoga (2023)
  • NCT Baby Massage (2023)
  • Certificate of Higher Education and NCT Antenatal Practitioner (2022)
  • What’s new in infant sleep safety workshop ran by Durham University infancy sleep centre (2022)
  • International Association of Infant Massage Accredited (2022)
  • Paediatric First Aid Trained (2021)
  • BSc Hons Social Sciences in Midwifery (2012)
  • CACHE diploma Level 3 in Childcare and Education (2007)
  • DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) checked
  • Currently studying: Pregnancy Yoga, Mother and Baby Yoga, and a Postnatal Module, to become a Postnatal Facilitator


Simone will provide support by:

  • Being an advocate for you and your partner (if you have one).
  • An initial meeting so we can get to know each other, and you can decide if I’m the right Doula for you, followed by a further two or three meetings before your birth to go through any questions you may have as well as address any concerns. This is to get to know you more and build up a rapport.
  • Being available by email, text, phone, Internet base communications, such as zoom or teams between meetings. 
  • Being on call for you 24/7 up to 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date and until your baby is born. 
  • Staying with you and your partner throughout your labour as well as a few hours after your birth to make sure that you are comfortable.
  • Visiting you and your baby post birth (up to 6 weeks after birth) so we can reflect on your birth together whilst discussing how you, your partner and baby are doing postnatally and to discuss any support you may require.


“We loved your non bias calm approach to teaching, you made the course fun and interactive and we learnt so much from it. We can’t Thank you enough Simone”

- Parents comments from NCT Antenatal class.

"Simone and I clicked from our first conversation. She instantly put me at ease and I felt like this was a person I could trust. On our first meeting she put me at ease helping me understand her role and how we could work together which made me feel like I could ask her anything. She was friendly with my other children who massively looked forward to her visits and worked so well with my mum who was my other birth partner. When complications happened she was the reassuring voice down the phone to me. She talked me through my feelings and thoughts and helped me find a way to go forward. I found she was so accommodating when I said I was dyslexic so struggled with my birth plan she spent extra time going through the plan with me and then even made it with me. I was really hoping to avoid induction but it was needed and Simone was with me every step of the way. She advocated for me with consultants and really helped use my voice when alot of pressure was being applied. During labour she was the quiet calming peaceful person that I could feel next to me. She coached me through my contractions and gave me the strength to know I could do this. As this was my 3rd baby I knew how much I wanted a golden hour and Simone made sure we were left to just be in the baby goodness bubble. I didn't have a doula for my first two births and now I rave about them to anyone who will listen. Simone is one of the best investments that you could have and I couldn't be more grateful."

 - Doula client's feedback, CRM

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