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NCT Antenatal Services

Antenatal services

NCT can offer you a wide range of antenatal courses and services - the ideal way to find answers to all your questions and support you through every step of your journey.

NCT antenatal refresher course

Perfect for growing families. A chance to reflect and build on past birth experiences and prepare yourself for looking after your new baby.

NCT Doula

Our Doulas support you whether you choose to give birth at home, in a birth centre, or in hospital.

NCT Yoga for Pregnancy

Focusing on gentle postures, breathing techniques and positions for labour and relaxations, this course will help you to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.

NCT Waterbirth workshop

A practical guide covering all aspects and preparations required for a waterbirth.

NCT Twins and Multiples workshop

A unique insight into the challenges of giving birth to and caring for multiples.

  • A wide range of course and services to support your every need.
  • Courses are held locally to suit your busy work day schedules.
  • Small groups for in-depth discussions and practical hands-on exercises.
  • Develop long term friendships with other local expectant parents.
Case study:

"NCT turned my life around. It offered me support, friendships and a social life, confidence and hope. I now have two beautiful children and my work with NCT continues. Thank you to NCT for helping me to reach my potential in many ways"