NCT Nearly New Sale

NCT Nearly New Sales are an affordable and environmental alternative.

Why buy at a Nearly New Sale?

Nearly New Sales are run by NCT volunteers across the UK. Sales take place throughout the year, with peaks in Spring and Autumnbut you will find Feb - July and Sept - Dec are the busiest times of year for our sales. They provide a great opportunity to pick up quality nearly new baby and children's clothes, toys and equipment at around a quarter to a third of the price you would pay on the high street.

NCT Nearly new Sales give buyers the option of either attending a tabletop or a ticketed sale depending on which model the local branch has chosen to run.

Table-top sales allow sellers to get back 100% of their profits, whereas Ticketed sales provide a great customer experience with all items ordered by age and type. Sellers do not have to be there on the day, so pay a small commission for having their items sold for them, or can volunteer at the sale for a lower commission. Both types of sales have bargains on offer such as:

  • Essential baby grows and clothes from only 50p
  • A big selection of toys and books from 50p
  • High chairs from just £10
  • Slings and baby carriers from £10
  • Bargain buggies from around £30

Discover the brands you can find at a Nearly New Sale.

Find your nearest sale

NCT Nearly New Sales, differ from other commercial baby and mother sales as they are our charity’s largest fundraiser, raising over £1 million every year to help support parents in their communities and through UK wide projects. They help NCT branches provide face-to-face support to parents, as well as funding our national services including enquiry lines, breastfeeding counselling, and training our antenatal and postnatal teachers.

Top tips from experienced Nearly New Sale shoppers

Do your homework

Check out the new NCT and Which? guide, which is crammed full of the information and services you’ll need over the First 1,000 Days of parenting.  

Be there early

Larger sales can have long queues and its best to get their early for a place at the front

Remember your NCT membership card

NCT members get an early start to their shopping at all sales so don’t leave your card/membership number at home! Speak to your local branch for member's opening times.

Come prepared!

Have a list of what you want to get, in order of importance so you can get to those things quickly If you are pregnant or have your children with you make sure you bring somebody along to help to carry things as you never know when that bargain is going to crop up. You might think you went to buy clothes but you could come home with all sorts of goodies!


If you have a few hours spare then you can volunteer at your local sale. Lots of sales give their volunteers some pre-sale shopping time to say thank you and to ensure they don’t miss all the shopping

Bring cash

Lots of sales now use chip and PIN machines to take payments, but it's always worth checking with the branch first and making sure you have enough to buy that last minute bargain!

If you have any questions please contact your local branch, or you can contact