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Our doulas support you whether you choose to give birth at home, in a birth centre, or in hospital.

She will be the constant presence during your labour which so many women and their partners find invaluable. She is on hand to listen to you, support your decisions and help you understand what is happening. NCT doulas are there to help you have the kind of birth you want.

As a key part of your pregnancy and birth experience, she will support both you and your partner. They can also support you if you if you do not have a birth partner through pregnancy and birth, providing you with invaluable emotional and practical support.

The pregnancy section of this website has more information about the work of doulas, and why they might be the right choice for you.

Our doulas will:

  • Meet with you up to three times before the birth.
  • Help you to put together a birth plan.
  • Stay with you throughout your labour and birth, and communicate with healthcare staff so you can focus on your own needs.
  • Support you emotionally, offer you comfort measures such as massage, and help you use active birth skills, breathing and relaxation.
  • Support your partner during the labour.

After your birth experience, she will meet with you again to discuss your labour with you.

If you have a due between the end of February and mid April, our advanced student doulas are available in some areas to offer high quality support at a reduced price. Check your region for more details.

Click on a link below to find your local NCT doula: