Course details and prices

NCT Courses for parents

When you're having a baby or have just given birth, you might want to share your worries or concerns so you can feel more confident. We've just made it even easier for new parents to share their concerns by increasing the number of our NCT Signature and NCT Essentials antenatal, refresher and Early Days courses.

Course prices

NCT is a registered UK charity (no. 801395). We charge for our antenatal and postnatal courses in order to pay the expenses of running the courses. Course prices vary according to area and the number of teaching hours. 

Everyone is welcome to pay by instalments and we offer discounts for parents in receipt of benefits or on lower incomes. Please request further information from the course organiser when you enquire about your course.

NCT Signature antenatal course 

Course prices are based on two people per booking, based on the number of hours of your course and the area of the UK it takes place.

NCT Essentials antenatal course 

Prices are based on a per person rate, with a discount for the second person and the area of the UK it takes place.

"Like many mums-to-be, I was nervous about having my first child. The NCT Signature antenatal course addressed all these fears in a straightforward, non-embarrassing way (to the relief of my husband!). We learnt in detail about what to expect and I was relieved to find that all the other mums had exactly the same concerns as me. My son Joseph is now four months old and all the mums and babies meet weekly - I've got a great network of new friends." Catherine, Haringey branch

NCT Parent postnatal course launch

To celebrate the launch of NCT Parent we're offering an amazing 90% off fees for courses starting September and November 2016 in: Beckenham; Kensington and Chelsea; Richmond; Bristol; Cardiff and Leeds. Enter your details in the find a course box for information on courses in these areas.